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Startex Textile ERP Software that prepared for textile suppliers has got fastest data entry and reporting techniques.

Pre Cost

Making transversals on different foreign currencies. Efficiency table on the basis of row. Cost accounting from top to down or from down to top.Making profitability analysis at the time of bargain.


Model Modul

Saving collection works. Accounting materials for bottom size and under tint at variant models. Integration with stock. Saving image Duplication by copying models.

Order Modul

Entering more than one model at one order. Usage of desired size unit at desired model. Identification of more than one assortment on the basis of country at each model. Identification of assortment separately for each color at each model. Entering order numbers of each model for different country.



Garment Software

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Startex Textile Manufacturing ERP Software that prepared for textile suppliers has got fastest data entry and reporting techniques. Startex that all windows technology advantages are used on it, uses SQL Server database. Startex Textile Manufacturing ERP Software works on Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 network systems.

Main important properties;

  • Property of working in 5 different languages at the same time.
  • Property of desktop with image at main screen. Easy access to details regarding production and putting to order by making right click to the relevant image.
  • Automatic integrations with budget program.
  • Monitoring online stock and production by hand terminals.
  • Viewing congestions regarding order production period on gantt table by Critical Path Management (CPM)
  • Access to important reports from new generation mobiles.
  • Desktop with image rapid access facility.
  • Integration with account programs.
  • Integration with merchandising programs.
  • Detailed password and authorization- user friendly keyboard.
  • Easy reporting properties.
  • Barcode stock monitoring
  • Integration with Outlook
  • Mailing all reports to relevant person.
  • Monitoring delays and processes by CPM (Critical path Management)
  • Taking stock, cost and production reports, entering orders from WEB.

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Garment Software

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